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To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of renowned NFT artist LAYLAY's creation of the MINOR HEROES series, an exhibition will be held to celebrate his activity. The MINOR HEROES series is a digital art that encapsulates the artist's unique world view. LAYLAY portrays entertaining scenarios that personify phenomena occurring in the blockchain and web3 communities. The characters that appear in the form of collectible cards each have their own mission and abilities. As can be seen from "Retweet Girl" and "Bidding Baby," they utilize their roles and personalities to advance the web3. They may not have superpowers like main heroes such as Batman and Superman, but they faithfully lead the blockchain with their responsibilities. This also represents the importance of each individual's small role in today's society. This is similar to the Smurf universe, where several individuals with their own abilities come together to form a harmonious community rather than a single large hero. Just like individuals who are faithful to their roles come together to lead society, the journey of the Minor Heroes will continue. At this exhibition, in addition to LAYLAY's MINOR HEROES series, new works will also be unveiled. This will be an opportunity to witness the artist's constant challenge and creativity.


유명 NFT 작가 LAYLAY가 창작한 MINOR HEROES 시리즈는, 작가의 독창적인 세계관과 창의적인 아이디어를 담아낸 디지털 아트이다. 이 시리즈는 블록체인과 web3 커뮤니티에서 일어나는 현상들을 의인화시켜, 재미있고 독특한 상황을 묘사하며, 각 캐릭터들은 수집형 카드의 형태로 등장하며, 각자의 임무와 능력을 지니고 있다. 이들은 그의 작품 '리트윗 걸'이나 '비딩 베이비'와 같이 자신의 역할과 개성을 이용하여 web3를 지켜나가며, 배트맨이나 슈퍼맨과 같은 메인 히어로들처럼 슈퍼파워는 없지만, 자신이 가진 소임에 충실하게 블록체인을 이끌어가는 모습이 인상적이다. 이는 작은 역할이라 할지라도 각자의 역할에 충실한 개인들이 모여 화목한 커뮤니티를 이루는 스머프의 세계관과 비슷한 면모를 보인다. 이러한 작은 역할이 모여 만들어지는 사회적 구조가 더 큰 가치를 지닌다는 메시지를 담고 있다. 이번 전시에서는 LAYLAY의 MINOR HEROES 시리즈를 중심으로, 작가의 새로운 작품들도 함께 공개될 예정이다. 이를 통해 작가의 끊임없는 도전과 창의성을 확인할 수 있다. 작가의 시리즈와 작품들은 현재의 디지털 아트 씬에서 높은 평가를 받으며, 이번 전시는 그의 활동을 기념하며 그가 이룩한 성과를 함께 축하하는 자리가 되길 기대한다.

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IRL Display

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IHAM is Europe’s first-ever crypto art gallery located in Paris, France. IHAM hosted its very first NFT exhibition in June of 2021, and various shows centered around crypto art are held here today. IHAM has been inviting & hosting the art of crypto artists worldwide, doing its part in pushing crypto art over into the realm of the masses.  
We aim to get crypto art accepted as part of art history and believe curated solo/group exhibitions will help achieve that sought-after goal.

The above-mentioned drop is hosted by IHAM Gallery (Europe’s first crypto art gallery) and 0xCura (a curatorial team led by Grida, ShinyTiger, and Hwaji).  Your art will be dropped on the NFT marketplace, and also be exhibited in IHAM Gallery’s physical location in Paris, FR.  The exhibition will most often consist of 3-4 artists including yourself who share similarities in approaches to their works, while also highlighting the strengths of the individual artists.

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Curated by GRIDA

Managed by Hwang Se Won

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