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NOONEE by Nature

[NOONEE by Nature] is an exhibition showcasing the first NFT & fine jewelry collection by Noonee Son, CEO and designer of Korea’s leading jewelry brand, NOONEE.

NOONEE takes inspiration first and foremost from nature.  In this collection, NOONEE takes various elements from nature and creates pieces that capture their innate beauty.  Some represent objects with earthen beauty, such as trees and flowers.  Some take us on a journey into space, replicating the beauty that is inherent in stars and moons.  Others take inspiration from fractal geometry that is apparent in all nooks and crannies of nature.  Through this collection, NOONEE invites you to witness the beauty of jewels in its entirety; to dive deep past their glittering surface into the universe within.



This exhibition, hosted at Galerie IHAM – Europe's first crypto art gallery – showcases sketches, a collection of physical jewelry, and media art pieces, all from NOONEE.  The exhibition celebrates the transcendence of NOONEE jewelry, evolving beyond their physical construction and crossing over to the digital plane.  The media art pieces by Booyasan, a French 3D NFT artist, explores the vivid scenery and universe that NOONEE sees in and around each and every one of her pieces.  All media art pieces will be minted and sold through Nifty Gateway, and the collectors of said pieces will receive their physical counterparts wherever they are in the world.



NOONEE aims to immortalize her art on the blockchain, much like how her fine jewelry designs have captured the beauty of nature for her generation.  From jewels to jewelry, and from jewelry to digital pieces – NOONEE’s [Jewelry Nature] is transcendent by nature.  It is her foray into the digital plane, and an invitation, extended to all of Europe and the web 3 community, into her glimmering world.

Designer of NOONEE

Noonee Son is the CEO, founder, and designer of NOONEE Jewelry.  Her intricate works are known for taking inspiration from nature.  She studied at Fausto Maria Franchi Studio in Italy, and went on to win an iF Design Award (2020), one of three most prestigious international design awards.

2 Fer -18 Fer 2023 

*Private Opening : 02.02.2023 18h - 22h

*Public Opening : 11.02.2023 12h - 18h

📍 Iham NFT Gallery,

46 Boulevard Henri IV Paris 

Sale Method

When you purchase an NFT artwork, you will receive a physical work.


Purchases are made on minted sites of NFT artworks.




< About >

IHAM is Europe’s first-ever crypto art gallery located in Paris, France. IHAM hosted its very first NFT exhibition in June of 2021, and various shows centered around crypto art are held here today. IHAM has been inviting & hosting the art of crypto artists worldwide, doing its part in pushing crypto art over into the realm of the masses.  
We aim to get crypto art accepted as part of art history and believe curated solo/group exhibitions will help achieve that sought-after goal.

The above-mentioned drop is hosted by IHAM Gallery (Europe’s first crypto art gallery) and 0xCura (a curatorial team led by Grida, ShinyTiger, and Hwaji).  Your art will be dropped on the NFT marketplace, and also be exhibited in IHAM Gallery’s physical location in Paris, FR.  The exhibition will most often consist of 3-4 artists including yourself who share similarities in approaches to their works, while also highlighting the strengths of the individual artists.

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Curated by GRIDA

Managed by Park Sea Young

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