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The New Vanguard

-Unveiling the Next Generation of Asian Talent-

The biggest global hub for Asian artists in Web3 is taking Paris by storm. NFT Asia is proud to present "The New Vanguard" at Galerie IHAM, a

showcase of incredible Art on the blockchain by artists with unique perspectives and exceptional works from all corners of Asia.

"TheNew Vanguard" is a not-to-be-missed event for art and NFT enthusiasts. On the evening of February 25th, witness the best of whatNFT Asia has to offer, featuring works from prominentAsian NFT artists and rising stars in the P T scene in Asia. Experience the diversity and creativity of the Asian art community, and discover how they are pushing boundaries and shaping the future of art ni their countries and beyond.

exhibitions in New York, Dubai, Bangkok, Tokyo, and now Paris, the non-profit collective continues bringing their vision to life and uplifting Asian artists in both the traditional and digital art spaces.

The "The New Vanguard" is a celebration of NFT Asia's achievements and a glimpse into its future.During the event, NITAsia will bring together prominent voices, community builders, artists, curators, and NFT space movers to discuss the future of the NFT art world and the role ofN F T Asia within it. And as a special surprise for the community, NFT Asia will be making a major announcement regarding their plans and upcoming collaborations. Don't miss this momentous event!

Opening : 25.02.2023 16h - 21h

📍 Iham NFT Gallery,

46 Boulevard Henri IV Paris 

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