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The Weird Nomad Club where real-life boundaries of race, nation, gender and color all become united into ONE!! Wandering around the world, working and enjoying... We are nomads with that lifestyle!!

Don't worry if you think you're not a nomad or traveler. Pioneer who wanders around the Metaverse and Web3 world is definitely a nomad too! We create unique characters by mixing & matching items of diverse cultural characteristics like jobs, fashion, foods, and cities!! In the Weird Nomad Club, you can meet free souls like yourself, and go for some exciting adventures.



IRL Display

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IHAM is Europe’s first-ever crypto art gallery located in Paris, France. IHAM hosted its very first NFT exhibition in June of 2021, and various shows centered around crypto art are held here today. IHAM has been inviting & hosting the art of crypto artists worldwide, doing its part in pushing crypto art over into the realm of the masses.  
We aim to get crypto art accepted as part of art history and believe curated solo/group exhibitions will help achieve that sought-after goal.

The above-mentioned drop is hosted by IHAM Gallery (Europe’s first crypto art gallery) and 0xCura (a curatorial team led by Grida, ShinyTiger, and Hwaji).  Your art will be dropped on the NFT marketplace, and also be exhibited in IHAM Gallery’s physical location in Paris, FR.  The exhibition will most often consist of 3-4 artists including yourself who share similarities in approaches to their works, while also highlighting the strengths of the individual artists.

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Curated by GRIDA

Managed by Park Sea Young

  • 블랙 페이스 북 아이콘
  • 블랙 트위터 아이콘
  • 블랙 인스 타 그램 아이콘
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