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2023 KOREA 🇰🇷 X FRANCE 🇫🇷 NFT art exhibition

29 Dec 2022 - 19 Jan

The exhibition revolves around the theme of the endearing and highly esteemed rabbit, a creature that holds a special place in the hearts of people from diverse cultures and regions, transcending temporal and spatial boundaries.

In Asia, the rabbit carries significant symbolism as it is the emblem of the forthcoming "twelfth ganji" year. Additionally, the rabbit is linked to the moon's shadow and is commonly depicted in the image of two rabbits pounding a mill. In contrast, Western culture portrays rabbits through popular icons like the Easter Bunny, Alice's Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, Zootopia, and Centaro's Diary.

The rabbit has evolved into a global symbol, even in the world of blockchain. In 2023, our objective is to feature the imaginative works of NFT artists from Korea and France, who will offer a fresh perspective on this beloved animal. Given the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, we anticipate that this exhibition will soar to new heights and achieve great success, in perfect sync with the crypto culture's ethos of reaching "to the moon."


이번 전시는 2023년 토끼의 해를 맞아 시간과 공간의 경계를 넘어 다양한 문화와 지역의 사람들의 마음 속에 특별한 자리를 차지하고 있는 사랑스럽고 존경받는 토끼를 주제로 진행된다. 

아시아에서 토끼는 다가오는 "12번째 간지"의 상징이기 때문에 중요한 상징성을 지니고 있다. 또한 토끼는 달의 그림자와 연결되어 있으며 일반적으로 두 마리의 토끼가 맷돌을 두드리는 이미지로 표현된다. 반면 서구 문화에서는 부활절 토끼, 앨리스의 토끼, 벅스 버니, 주토피아, 센타로의 일기와 같은 인기 아이콘을 통해 토끼를 묘사한다.

토끼는 블록체인 세계에서도 세계적인 상징으로 진화했다. 이번 전시의 목표는 한국과 프랑스의 NFT 예술가들의 상상력이 풍부한 작품을 선보이면서 이 사랑스러운 동물에 대한 새로운 관점을 제공하는 것이다.

2023  | Paris : Iham NFT Gallery,

46 Boulevard Henri IV Paris 

With Art village lay

WHAT RABBIT poster.jpg


IRL Display

< About >

IHAM is Europe’s first-ever crypto art gallery located in Paris, France. IHAM hosted its very first NFT exhibition in June of 2021, and various shows centered around crypto art are held here today. IHAM has been inviting & hosting the art of crypto artists worldwide, doing its part in pushing crypto art over into the realm of the masses.  
We aim to get crypto art accepted as part of art history and believe curated solo/group exhibitions will help achieve that sought-after goal.

The above-mentioned drop is hosted by IHAM Gallery (Europe’s first crypto art gallery) and 0xCura (a curatorial team led by Grida, ShinyTiger, and Hwaji).  Your art will be dropped on the NFT marketplace, and also be exhibited in IHAM Gallery’s physical location in Paris, FR.  The exhibition will most often consist of 3-4 artists including yourself who share similarities in approaches to their works, while also highlighting the strengths of the individual artists.

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Curated by GRIDA

Managed by Park Sea Young

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