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La France hésite toujours à se mettre de plein-pied dans le nouveau marché d'art NFT. Mais c'est ainsi pourquoi qu'il est étonnant de voir, et il est temps de porter attention à, les artistes français, dans cette lente réactivité, qui présentent des oeuvres exceptionnelles sur des plateformes sélectives comme Foundation, Known Origin ou encore SuperRare.

18 - 29 Jan 2022  |

Paris : Iham NFT Gallery ; 46 Boulevard Henri IV Paris 

Founder :   IHAM NFT Art gallery  

Sponsorship:  NFT PARIS

Curator : Jae-hyun OH

Participated with 11 French NFT artistes , 2 Korean Special Guests

Greenhouse 6

Nina Maalej est photographe et designer. Née à Nancy en 1995, elle vit aujourd’hui à Lyon. Après un Master en design graphique, elle voyage en Inde et fait une incroyable rencontre avec la nature. Dès lors, elle se concentre sur ce sujet : les plantes. À travers la photographie, elle met en lumière les qualités graphiques des plantes, de manière à révéler leur beauté au spectateur.

nina maalej.jpeg

Desert Storm

Not only dunes are shifted by the wind in the Multisand. When its peculiar sand is pushed through the clouds during a storm, it sticks to the vaporous giants, revealing a multitude of landscapes: green pastures, snowy peaks and lush forests. They will last til the wind settles.



Light informs, shapes or deforms. As a medium of the electromagnetic spectrum, through the prism of urban life, Lukas conveys through shapes and colors, from the invisible world to the visible world, the universal language of photons. Guided by what C.G Jung called archetypes or collective unconscious, his art is the imprint of the shamanic reality of Man. From a youth cradled between Europe, Africa and Asia, at the time of a globalization still in its infancy, he acquired a colorful vision of life, imbued with diverse atmospheres and cultures. His works, where natural elements, primary artefacts (totems and other native creations) and post-industrial, mutants and supernatural beings can rub shoulders, all connected by the common thread of a graphic design with lines and curves borrowed from "street art", reflect our hesitation between ecological urgency and the (utopian?) idea of ​​prolonging the hybrid coexistence of the natural environment with urban development, traditions with modernity.

20220119_202727 (1)_edited.jpg



Cryptocrâne #1

After studying applied arts in Paris, Booyasan expresses himself mainly through photography and 3D animation graphics. His latest works are inspired by pop culture, art history and cryptoculture. He uses the voxel, often transformed, as the basic element of his sculpture, like the impressionist painters of their time.



Pictomato® : OG NFT 

2007. The designers of the Atelier Telescopic launch an avant-garde web platform which allows Internet users to create their own avatars, which can be used as personal signatures on their mobile phone.

The concept: 10 families with their own graphic style, 10 faces with features and with the paces modifiable at will. In two years, a community develops and produced over 3,000 unique, named and numbered characters. Today, having become NFTs, the Pictomato are exchanged in Ether.



Oelhan is a French digital artist based in Paris, his work expresses movement by mixing contradictory sensations such as joy and sadness, shadow and bright colors, the strange and the ordinary. He describes his style as “soft psychedelia in motion” using 2D and 3D to shape it.


Golden Fries #2

3d artist based in Paris, Roger Kilimanjaro designs and produces high-end looping animations for brands and events. By playing with materials and their sometimes surreal physical interactions, his work focuses on elegant and satisfying movement.

Roger Kilimanjaro.jpeg
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