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About a month ago, Novo's CryptoPunk #3706 was stolen. It was scammed with a few clicks. The price of about '70eth' is important, but this crypto punk was like his identity.  He immediately posted the tragedy on Twitter and a Novofund recovery fund was created around his web3 friends and the community of Crypto Punk.


The campaign was held on Twitter Space for five consecutive days. Thanks to the support and support of many NFT artists and the community, the funding eventually succeeded, and the community returned Crypto Punk #3706 to Novo. Bad things can happen to anyone, but these communities are not everywhere.


This story proves exactly the positive net function of the WEB3 community.

This exhibition celebrates the end of this story in the language of art. Many artists recreated the story of Novo in their own style. Novo Art shows are held simultaneously in Paris and Metaverse. The charm of Web3 art exhibitions that existing art exhibitions do not have is the "community." The threshold of art has been lowered in the form of exhibitions that anyone can participate in and find anywhere.


Crypto punk #3706 and this story are no longer just Novo's. It belongs to all of us who travel on the web3.

25 Fer -4 Mar 2023 

Opening : 24.02.2023 20h - 23h

📍 Iham NFT Gallery,

46 Boulevard Henri IV Paris 



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