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Yeondeunghoe, a Korean traditional festival during which lotus lanterns are lit around the world, has been listed as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. To commemorate  this occasion, Yeondeunghoe has been selected as this year's theme of "Taste Korea! 2022"

Korean Tradition & Tourism Festival. Special events such as exhibitions, shows, screenings, conferences, and hands-on experience programs are to be hosted by numerous institutions in France including Korean Cultural Center Paris, UNESCO, Le Cordon Bleu, and the Senate

of France. The NFT exhibition is brought to you by South Korean portal and marketplace KLUBS.

This exhibition, built around the theme of Yeondeunghoe, is the first NFT exhibition hosted
by Korean Cultural Center. It showcases 25 South Korean and 6 French artists, whose illustrious careers are celebrated in the global art scene. Their alluring works will be displayed in the metaverse at the KLUBS Cryptovoxels Gallery. Each of their works will also be spotlighted offline simultaneously in Korean Cultural Center's Media Room and at NFT Galerie IHAM near Bastille.

The Universe and the Metaverse
[Yeondeunghoe] an NFT exhibition connecting Korea and France

[Exhibition Dates]
KLUBS Cryptovoxels Gallery : May 24 - Sep 16
Korean Cultural Center Paris : May 24 - Sep 16 
Galerie IHAM Paris : May 31 - June 6 

KLUBS Cryptovoxels Gallery : 
Korean Cultural Center Paris : 20 Rue la Boétie, 75008 Paris
Galerie IHAM Paris : 46 Bd Henri IV, 75004 Paris

[Participating Artists]
Albertine Meunier / ARThief / Biptosy / BOOYASAN / Bosul KIM / CS LIM / Chrales Jang /

Einzed / Grida / Hwaji / HyeGyung KIM / Hyekang / Hyunjinery / Jean-yves Le Moine /

Joy Jo / Jungwoowon / LAYLAY / LOIE / Lindsayking / Maison Clone / MILDMESS /

MO Junseok / Mr.Misang / NAKTA / Regina Kim / SOO. / ShinyTiger / Suk /

Sungsu YIM / Sunjae LEE / Uttermelon


Gallery Voxel