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The world's first offline exhibition of Crypto Punks will be held at the Iham Gallery in Paris from April 25th to May 7th, 2022. Crypto Punks are iconic and it has made NFT art more mainstream and well-known, and  Iham Gallery is an NFT art gallery located in Bastille, Paris. The emergence of NFT art is impacting the existing art world. NFT art, a combination of blockchain technology and art, can be considered as the emergence of one large art movement that will represent the 21st century (equivalent to the appearance of Impressionism in the 20th century).


The Punkism exhibition introduces NFT art which has been receiving a lot of attention, with the beginning of all, Crypto Punks. Crypto Punks is a collectible profile character image recorded on the Ethereum blockchain produced by Larva Labs. There are 10,000 Crypto Punks with different personalities created by algorithms. As the starting point of the numerous PFP (Profile Picture) art that is currently pouring out as various NFT art and the cause of a conceptual leap forward in the art market, Iham Gallery introduces Crypto Punks as a new art appreciation rather than a simple investment purpose.


Also, unlike many exhibitions that only focused on artists, collectors of the NFTs will participate directly in accordance with the characteristics of Crypto Punks, in which commercial rights of NFT are transferred to the purchaser, so that the existence of not only artists but also collectors who have existed behind the stage until now is rediscovered. Crypto punks has become a muse for various projects and artists and is becoming another form of art. This exhibition will shed new light on NFT art as a new art movement, the meaning of PFP art as the digital persona that represents self, the relationship between the collector community and the artist, and Crypto Punks that provides artistic discourse and entertainment.

Crypto Punks Solo Exhibition |

PUNKISM : Declaration of New Art Trends

25 Apr -  May 2022  | Paris : Iham NFT Gallery ; 46 Boulevard Henri IV Paris 

Founder :   IHAM NFT Art gallery  

Co-founder : MOCA (Museum of Crypto Art) , Korean NFT  

Sponsorship:   VIZMESH,   BCA Labs

Curator : Grida    

Advicer : Benoit Couty  

Strategist : Donglee Han

Head Manager: Park Sea-Young  

CryptoPunk Collectors : Clare Maguire, G4SP4RD_Vault, John Karp,  danpolko, LRDMND, BCA, VulcanDAO,  Mask Network, Vincent, Niu, Qinwen, Wang Greg, Coinverse, Luozheng, wy, Ruins, William Laggy